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Where are we



Head Office
44-48 Rocco Drive, Scoresby, Victoria
Australia 3179
Phone: +61 3 9757 5000 / 1300 00 7896
Fax: +61 3 9763 7265


 Victoria Workshop

44-48 Rocco Drive, Scoresby, Victoria
Australia 3179
Phone: +61 3 9757 5000 / 1300 00 7896
Fax: +61 3 9763 7265


SUZOHAPP Asia Limited, Macau

Head Office
Avenida Venceslau de Morais no. 157 
Kek Seng Industrial Building
Phase 2, 2nd Floor-L, Macau
Phone/Fax: +853 2895 6289

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What we do

SUZOHAPP APA is in the business of designing and developing electronic products for retail operations as well as offering service and repair support to operators of retail operations with transactional based technology. These customers may be involved in gaming (casinos, keno, lotteries), wagering, or other retail operations using point of sale or other mission critical technology. 

SUZOHAPP APA provides cost effective electronic solutions and technical support to a diverse range of mission critical markets. With extensive expertise in manufacturing, installing and maintaining electronic equipment Transcity Group ensures quality service with maximum uptime to help customers deliver on their bottom line.


SUZOHAPP APA will be globally recognised as a leading supplier of innovative and reliable
electronic transactional based products & services by 2013.  Transcity will also become thelargest gaming machine spare parts and repair company in Australasia by 2015.



  • To develop, build market and support electronic point of sale products for a range of diverse Industries.
  • To use internal expertise and experience to provide service and repair support for wide area retail operators.
  • To have an evident commitment to investment in staff and technology as well as to interaction with our customers. 



Service orientated and customer responsive

  • We listen to our customers; we endeavor to give them the best service they are entitled to and to utilize all our skills to assist their business development
  • Honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects
  • We fulfill our social responsibilities and do the right thing all the time

Innovation and entrepreneurialism

  • We look for new ways to advance, seek creative solutions in, be receptive to change in, and, endeavor to be at the forefront of, new technology

Develop world-class products

  • We produce hardware/software that is recognized as a benchmark.

Value our people

  • We recognize, retain, nurture and develop individuals in the organization